Artificialis Intelligentia

Intellegentiae Artificiallis (AI), facultas est roboti digitalis vel computatrum regentis ad operas perficiendas cum entibus intelligentibus communiter associatur. Vocabulum saepe adhibetur ad consilium explicandi systemata, quod in processibus intellectualibus homnium proprium est, ut facultas ratiocinandi, sensus inveniendi, generandi vel ab experientia discendi. Cum evolutionis computatoris digitalis anno 1940, demonstratum est computatores programmari posse ad munus implendum valde implicatum, ut exempli gratia, probationibus mathematicis theorematis inveniendis vel latrunculis ludentibus magno cum fructu.


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- Richard Stallman

Why Demystifying AI

Well …

It is hard to explain AI to other people because AI is a field of science that doesn’t really have a definition. It is usually defined as AI is the capacity of a machine to imitate human behavior. AI could be considered AI when it can perform everyday tasks such as driving, writing, and understanding speech.

However, AI is much more than that. AI should be able to respond to different situations and learn without explicit programming. AI needs to be able to make decisions under uncertainty and in many cases, AI will do better than humans when it comes to making these decisions through hundreds of different variables. AI is already doing things that were considered impossible for machines before, such as controlling a car in extreme weather conditions or even teaching itself new concepts without human assistance.

These are various scenarios where AI can be used, but AI is also changing the way we work. AI can be used to automate systems and help workers with their daily tasks, although AI will not replace humans anytime soon. AI will enhance the current workforce and become a powerful tool that every business should take advantage of as AI becomes more complex and widespread.

This site is dedicated to providing clearer insight into the possibilities of AI and will help you understand AI better. The driving idea behind this is to provide easy to use user interface where anyone can explore AI and understand what can be delivered by AI, by providing inputs to the AI models, and being able to analyze the results. And repeat it over and over again to get better insight into the AI.

Knowing what AI is not enough, AI should be able to help in everyday tasks by providing an AI interface where people can ask AI questions on their own terms rather than in technical terms. This will lead AI towards a more user-centric approach that will enable AI to predict outcomes without humans, and the humans will be aware of its capabilities.


Demystifying AI Benefits

Artificial intelligence is often seen as a complex and difficult topic to understand.

Exotelligence breaks down the complexities of AI in an easy-to-digest format, making it easier for people to understand and appreciate its potential implications.

By explaining AI in a way that is relatable and relevant, Exotelligence helps people to see how this rapidly advancing technology can benefit their everyday lives.

As AI becomes more widely implemented, it will be essential for people to have a basic understanding of what it is and what it can do. With Exotelligence, anyone can learn about one of the most important technological advances of our time.

Explaining artificial intelligence in an approachable way is just one way that Exotelligence is working.


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