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The essence of "Intelligence. Made in Macedonia. Stay in Macedonia." is a clarion call to nurture, enhance, and retain the intellectual power and talent that is born and raised within the borders of our beautiful country. It is a call to strengthen and enhance our socioeconomic fabric, and secure a prosperous future.
This motto speaks to the intellectual capacity of our Macedonian citizens, who brim with potential and whose minds hold the key to the future of our nation. We are proud of our youth, and our culture that shapes their worldview. However, to harness this intelligence fully and direct it towards the progress of Macedonia, we need to address a challenge that our country is facing: the migration of our young and talented people abroad in search of better opportunities.
Many of our brightest minds feel compelled to leave their homeland, driven by a desire for wider opportunities or exposure to more advanced technology and research. While their individual growth is essential, the resulting brain drain is a loss to our country as the intellect nurtured in Macedonia gets utilized elsewhere.
The motto, therefore, serves as a reminder to us all that it falls upon every citizen to work towards creating an environment that not only nurtures intelligence but also provides the opportunities and support needed for our youth to use their intellect in our nation's service.
Educators have a role in continuing to nurture curiosity and critical thinking skills, emphasizing the importance of contributing to one's community and country. Businesses can contribute by investing in local talent, providing internships and job opportunities, fostering innovation, and driving economic growth. The government can shape policies that promote research and development, facilitate business growth, and create a supportive ecosystem for intellectual and economic prosperity.
Parents and families have an equally important role in fostering a love for our homeland in our children and inspiring them to contribute their talents to the growth of Macedonia. As individuals, we can contribute by mentoring, supporting, and encouraging our young people to envision their future right here in Macedonia.
"Intelligence. Made in Macedonia. Stay in Macedonia." this goes beyond just being a motto. It's a vision that requires a collective effort to make it a reality. It's a call to action for all Macedonians to contribute to keeping our brightest minds in Macedonia and to build a future where the intelligence born and nurtured here thrives here for our country's and our people's betterment.
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Modus Operandi

How to do things well, mathematically proven...

Recall the lessons of Adam Smith, the father of modern economics.
In competition, individual ambition serves the common good. Exactly.
Adam Smith said the best result comes from everyone in the group doing what's best for himself. Right? That's what he said. That's right. Incomplete.
Because the best result would come from everyone in the group doing what's best for himself and the group.
Governing dynamics, gentlemen.

Taken from the A Beautiful Mind movie: Bar Scene John Nash's Equilibrium Game Theory

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Made in Macedonia.

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Like the idea of "Intelligence. Made in Macedonia. Stay in Macedonia"? Do you see an opportunity to contribute to this cause and make a tangible difference in our country's future? Or you are searching for support or guidance on how you can contribute to our mission of fostering and retaining local talent. Either way, we are eager to hear from you.
Connect with us, and together, let's build a future where Intelligence, made in Macedonia, stays in Macedonia. A small step is better than no step.
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